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Arete (//; Greek: áρετή),

in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”, bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose: the act of living up to one’s full potential.”

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@viaArete is a Miami-based, full-service boutique agency, with a passion for helping Startups, Small & Medium-sized Businesses, and Personal Brands. We offer hands-on attention to all of our clients, both local and world-renowned. We build strategies that are ROI driven and create a real connection with your customer.


The agency was born back in 2007 as Real Creations Services LLC
In 2009 we partnered with Ray of Light Events, and Joy Beyond Productions was born
In 2014 we reinvented and relaunched the agency as Via Arete LLC


@viaArete leverages Corporate America expertise and unique cultural insight to connect brands with the local Hispanic market, the country’s fastest-growing consumer group. Our agency is small, but our ideas are powerful. We keep our overhead low in order to offer you the full spectrum of services within your budgetary needs.


At @viaArete we have curated a roster of highly talented collaborators to bring real value to brands in need of a comprehensive marketing plan. We have strategic partnerships that allow us to be your perfect holistic partner, and to provide the structure and tools, to witness every goal become reality.


Since time is your scarcest resource, and how you manage time is the most influential factor as it relates to how quickly you move on to the next level. We firmly believe you should maximize your time focusing on your core business, and let us define and execute your marketing strategy. The most efficient way to achieve long-term sustained growth is with a solid marketing plan, therefore we are committed to its strategic development and flawless execution.


Reach your true potential focusing on your core business and let experts assist you in your marketing needs..


@viaArete is the marketing tailor that suits you best!



Known for developing creative and results-driven campaigns, @viaArete helps drive brand awareness through impactful social media relations, experiential marketing, direct promotion, and events. 


Our suite of services allows for targeted or broad support of your business.


Broadly speaking, our services include:

  • Brand Creation & Revitalization 

  • Business Solutions: Planning & Development

  • Content Creation

  • Digital Marketing 

  • Direct Marketing 

  • Email Marketing

  • Event Marketing, Promotion & Production

  • Experiential Marketing 

  • Graphic & Industrial Design

  • Guerilla Marketing & Mystery Shopper

  • Inbound Marketing 

  • Market Research

  • Marketing for Real Estate Pros

  • Media Planning

  • Media Relations 

  • Merchandising & Printing Solutions

  • Multicultural Event Staffing 


  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Trade Shows 

  • Video Production

  • Website Development


“Creativity is


  having fun.”

   Albert Einstein

Image Property of Léo Caillard


We are a team of architects, graphic and industrial designers, engineers, journalists, education graduates, copywriters, marketing and advertising experts, that add our solid knowledge and global experience to each project to exceed objectives.


Our Strategy: Be Relevant


Nowadays brands are everywhere, the global landscape is filled with them. We realized that it is not necessary for our clients to overspend in traditional media to make their brand relevant.


With a team made up of brand development experts, @viaArete builds brand awareness with out-of-the-box ideas designed to build brand relevance and loyalty.

Joan Zurilla
CEO & Co-Founder
Oliver Verde
CMO & Co-Founder
Julia Zurilla Plaza
Account Management Director
Daniel Urdaneta
Content Creator
Julia Zurilla Jimenez
Scenography Director
Minerva Borjas -  Lead Ambassador .png
Minerva Borjas
 Lead Ambassador
Sabine Dedow
Industrial Designer
Raymond Fernandez
Sr. Event Producer 
Jei Moreno - Photographer.png
Jei Moreno
Joe Padua
Art Director
Claudia Locher
Finance Director


You, small business owner, who greatly values every dollar, and care about your brand as if it were your own child.

You, entrepreneur, who may need a bit of guidance on your first steps.


You, mature project, in need of renewing your strategy and refreshing your positioning.


You, Real Estate Agent, who would like to widen your radius of influence.


And without leaving aside that great company, who’s invested millions in marketing efforts, and still needs to see results.




Our highly talented executives bring plenty of experience and key skills to the table.

These are some of the brands our executives have worked with..

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Our MISSION is simple:

Capitalize on your value-add and allow the market to be moved by you.


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Our VISION is simple straight forward:

Create solutions & always be useful to our customers.

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Our Fundamental OBJECTIVE:

Focus on the best opportunities to increase your company’s sales and achieve a sustainable

competitive advantage

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Our Main GOAL:

Generate overall prosperity from our excellent services while ensuring the greatest return

for our clients' marketing investments.

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Our Favorite GOAL:

Build Engagement-Based Loyalty





What was great? What could have been better?

An outside view may help in thinking about fresh strategies


Implementation is the real challenge, and we want to help


Every company is in a unique overall situation and needs a custom tailored strategy to reach its objectives.

After more than a decade of experience in different sectors and international markets, we can confidently say: “do not believe everything the industry gurus and experts say, nor put all your marketing eggs in one strategy”



We donate 10% of our time to…

Social initiative dedicated to research, design

and promote solutions that can help solve the problems of Venezuela


Democratic International Network –

Civil Organization focused on promoting democratic

values and creating projects based on

a conscious Venezuela.




Fe y Alegria Miami - 

An initiative to raise awareness and engage support for education, as a powerful tool for social change, 

in Latin America and Africa. 




Conscious entrepreneurship always result in a sustainable win-win-win for everyone!



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