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miami marketing

events / experiential marketing / trade shows / staffing / guerilla marketing / event production





Seek an honest link between the brand and the user, and make your audience get involved and interact with your brand
We help you offer an experience in return for the user’s fidelity and amplify the experience through social media. Connect the experience with an interactive digital experience, and track participants real time



Live the experience, through:

  • Photo & video capture

  • Green screens

  • Food trucks

  • Karaoke experience

  • Flash mobs

  • Fire choreographies

  • Skill games 

  • Virtual reality 

  • Holograms

  • Live music

  • Sampling 

  • Guerrilla marketing 

  • Multicultural staffing 

.. and let’s showcase these on a leaderboard!




@viaArete has managed a great number of notable events statewide, including press launches, charity benefits, product launches, talent-focused events, and stores, clubs and restaurants openings. From concept to completion, we understand the importance of incorporating your brand’s DNA in all aspects of an event!


  • Celebrity Wrangling

  • Front Of House Services

  • Entertainment Booking

  • Gift Bag Opportunities

  • Guest List & RSVP Management

  • Invitation Conception & Distribution

  • Location Scouting & Negotiations

  • Permitting & Exterior Logistics

  • Red Carpet Press Management

  • Strategic Partnership Opportunities

  • Auction Management

  • Corporate & Special Events




  • Create a unique brand experience that activates all senses for highest recall

  • Capture data & generate real leads

  • Amplify your campaign’s message through social media

  • Follow up through instant email marketing




  • Impress your attendees

  • Engage with your target audience

  • Gather leads in a fun way




We bring experience, knowledge & passion to make your special event the best it can be. We’ll run it smoothly and professionally!
Our expertise encompasses developing and managing marketing, promotion, production and strategic planning for:


  • Corporate Events

  • Special Celebrations

  • Grand Openings

  • Workshops

  • Non-traditional Marketing Activations

  • Personal Growth Seminars 


Our events are established in South Florida, and we enjoy widespread support among corporate sponsors, print, broadcast media, and thousands of consumers in the area.


... let’s bring people together and inspire them! No event is too big or small. 

miami marketing
Direct Marketing
miami marketing


direct marketing / email marketing / email blast / direct mailer / eblast / postcards / flyers




We help you grow and track your success with real-time reporting that makes it easy for you to plan your next marketing move. 
•    Get a deep understanding of your audience’s habits and tastes. 
•    Connect with people by sharing professional-looking e-mails with integrated social platforms. 



Get your message out in more ways and prepare to be heard. At @ViaArete we help you design, print and mail brochures, postcards or letters that will make your product stand out and make your targeted mailing list want to take action. 

Market Research


market research / mystery shopper / process / 7ps / qualitative / quantitative


Let us design a systematic method to collect key information that allows you to identify marketing opportunities, generate and refine actions and assess how it impacts customer behavior. 
•    We help you gather specific information about your products and services by measuring their quality or compliance with a specific need. 
•    Our methodological approach could be either qualitative or quantitative, or both!



miami marketing
Online Marketing
miami marketing



social media / digital marketing / inbound marketing / content creation / web development / orm / seo / sem





Still haven’t seen how sales can be increased through social media? We have the strategy that your business needs. @viaArete is made up of Social Media experts who produce targeted and effective strategies that connect the brand to the consumer. 
•    Let us find the best way for your business to say hello to the online world. 
•    We can teach your team how to deal with social media or, if you want to leave to us, our team of experts can manage your accounts. And no, we won’t give it to our unemployed Millennial nephew. 
•    We also track down that influencer your customers listen to. Oh yes, they exist!


As they say:

“Social networks are for engagement only,
but be careful on not selling on social media.”






If you want to make it in today’s world, trust us: you’re going to need a good webpage. That is why we go beyond designing a marketing piece that sells and take great care in giving you an attractive visual sensation that creates the most impact in the mind of your target audience. 





We understand that all you want is to get out there and sell your products. Learn how to get great online presence, good reviews and turn your webpage into a sales platform that ensures customer loyalty and sales increase. 
•    Advertise with us in your consumer search results or ensure visibility with search engine optimization. 
•    Our team of experts is ready to design and build custom kiosks with data capture for instant e-mail marketing campaigns 
•    We provide digital solutions that accommodate different interactive software experiences. Plus we build social promotion apps! 



We find your ideas sexy and want to help you make them attractive and sales-worthy. 
•    Let us generate a content strategy that will allow you to be on the top of mind of your potential consumers. 
•    Just contact us and we’ll define a set of techniques that will capture real leads and convert them into loyal clients. 



  • Creation and revitalization of content for blogs and social networking

  • Community management, monitoring, identification, and reporting of users interested in services and products

  • Online visibility and brand awareness

  • Publication and content viralization

  • Inclusion of relevant and targeted influencers





Build a strong online presence with us!
•    Increase your local exposure on Google.
•    Optimize page titles, URL’s and META tags. 
•    Identify key words that will lead all sales to your site. 




Media & PR
miami marketing


media relations / media planning / media buy / media / marketing / public relations







 @viaArete produces targeted and effective press outreach strategies that generate media results which bolster consumer awareness.
•    Our team works on a daily basis with editors, producers and freelancers across the print, broadcast and online media landscape, including the entertainment, lifestyle, business, consumer goods, and luxury sectors.
•    Need to do a press junket? Organize a media plan? Place a product? Be featured in a profile story? We got your back. 




The user or potential consumer searches Google and social media and trusts what he reads online about your business. That’s why we need to understand your audience to determine the most effective content strategy. The ability to adapt is what will make you survive. .



miami marketing


corporate image / branding / merchandising / graphic and industrial design / video production





Effective branding means higher sales. 
•    Let our design team identify your brand’s personality. 
•    We take your wild ideas and turn them into a pitch-worthy sales concept. 
•    We revitalize your brand so that it best relates to your customers. 




We help you choose the colors and latest trends that will leave an imprint on your audience (and not on your marketing budget). Our merchandising and printing solutions include: 
• Gifts and  giveaways
• POP Displays

• Office signage 

• Outdoor and indoor banners 

• Vehicle wrapping 

• Stickers, business cards, postcards, flyers 




 Our team of experts is ready to take your next project from start to finish. We use our award-winning photographers, top-notch editors and producers suited to the style of your project. We have produced 30-minute training videos, 30-second commercials, web streaming videos, a variety of television shows, and numerous special events.
General video production services include HD videography services for single-camera and multi-camera video productions. We offer camera and video packages that cover pre to post-production services.


Among our services, we offer:


  • Film

  • Television

  • Music Videos

  • Photo Shoots

  • Electronic Press Kit

  • Demo Reels

  • Commercials

  • Infomercials

  • Political Campaigns

  • Digital Image

  • Websites

  • 3D Animation

  • Corporate Advertising






... let’s get to work!

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