Arete (Greek: áρετή),

means “excellence of any kind”,
bound up with the notion of
the fulfillment of purpose:
"the act of living up to
one’s full potential.”

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@viaArete Marketing provides a suite of services suited for businesses who want to reach their true potential. We are renowned for developing innovative and results-driven campaigns by executing impactful social media relations, experiential marketing, OOH’s campaigns’ design, and direct promotion, at an unbeatable quality-price relation. 



Image Property of Léo Caillard


Some of our latest activations

Some friends who have put their faith in VAM! 




Every company has a unique overall situation and needs a tailored strategy to reach its dreams. At @viaArete we make those strategies happen. 



We donate 10% of our time and effort to:

Venezuela Ideal - 
Social initiative dedicated to the research, design and promotion of solutions to the crisis in Venezuela. ​



Democratic International Network –

NGO focused on the promotion of democratic values and project creation in Venezuela.



Fe y Alegria Miami - 

NGO devoted to raise awareness and engage support for education as a powerful tool for social change in Latin America and Africa.  ​



We are firm believers that conscious entrepreneurship

always results in a sustainable win-win-win for everyone! 


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